Residential Excavation

Residential Grading

Residential grading is essential for getting the land ready for client projects. Rough grading shapes the land for things like drainage and foundations, while finish grading smoothens the surface for a nice look and good water flow. Hartman Septic and Excavating provides rough grading to prepare for projects and can complete the finish grade once the ground has settled from disruption. This ensures the final grade will not create significant dips in landscaped areas.

Driveway Installation

Our experienced team can create a durable and attractive driveway for your property. Whether the location is simple and flat or has a complex terrain, we have the skills to deliver a high-quality result. Choose Hartman's for dependable driveway installation that enhances your property's appearance and functionality.

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Building Pad

Our excavation company excels in creating residential building pads. We have the experience and equipment to prepare the foundation for your home construction projects. We ensure a solid and level base, ready for your dream home, new barn, or storage building. Trust us for reliable and efficient residential building pad services.

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Pond Building

Ponds can serve multiple purposes, such as enhancing the aesthetics of the property, providing water features, irrigation for agriculture, stormwater management, and creating habitats for wildlife. Pond building and pond repair are specialized services that involve excavation, grading, and shaping the land to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing pond. The construction process must adhere to environmental regulations and ensure the long-term sustainability of the pond.

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